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Eventech Ltd is operating since 2011 as a “spin-off” from Institute of Electronics and Computer Science (IECS) to demonstrate the rest of the world its unique event timing technology for extremely accurate measurements (2-3 picoseconds). The first aim of the Company is to serve Satellite Laser Ranging market (>50% SLR stations covered with Eventech equipment), the second and most important aim is to develop new applications and markets for even timing technology and products. Company operates in Riga, Latvia and has 3 Management team members and 3 R&D team members.

Company has strong scientific background with more than 40 years of studies in high-performance and high-accuracy event time measurement system development. Today we are offering our services to companies, field/industy experts and scientists all over the world.

Event timing technology was invented by Prof.Yuri Artyukh who has spent his career in the area of high-accuracy timing measurements for various specific applications, and designing of the corresponding application systems. The Intellectual Property (IP) created during these efforts is protected by know-how and owned by Eventech.

Starting February 1st, 2016 Eventech is awarded with its first European Space Agency (ESA) contract for on-board multi-purpose event timer development for space applications supported by Institute of Electronics and Computer Science (IECS) and Czech Space Research Centre (CSRC).

Strong engagement in R&D activities continues to be the backbone of Eventech, and we are looking forward to new dimensions of time tracking and technology development.

Please check short Eventech company overview to learn more about the technology, its activities, business development plans and offers.


Eventech is working in close cooperation with Institute of Electronics and Computer Science (IECS), Riga Technical University (RTU) and other research institutions.

Core Team

Nikolai Adamovitch

Chief Executive Officer

The company is led by Nikolai Adamovitch. He holds M.Sc. degree in Nuclear Physics from University of Latvia and is an alumnus of the Harvard Business School where he passed Owner-President Management program (OPM28). He is an experienced entrepreneur and commercialization expert, has done several angel investments and has major interest in new deep-tech product development and commercialization at worldwide markets.

Pavels Razmajevs

Chief Operating Officer

Pavel holds a Bachelor degree in International Business and Administration from Fonty University. Has international experience in Accounting and Financial Advisory domains while working for Deloitte and Rocket Internet. Has successfully finished 5 ESA projects and sold over 100 Eventech  high-end product all around the world.

Victor Kurtenok

Chief Technical Officer

Victor has international work experience in private companies in USA, Trenton as Senior Software/Hardware/Firmware Designer from 2001 till 2008.  Has strong skills and experience in full product design development from an idea to a fully functional unit. Viktors is proficient in design, development and testing of design, development and testing of high-speed digital, analogue, and mixed electronic devices; applications of ultra-fast ICs (such as ADCs, DACs, RAMs), DSPs, micro-controllers, and microprocessors; has hands-on experience in FPGA/CPLD design using VHDL.

Adam Adamovitch

Business Development Manager

Adam has extensive experience as a PR & Marketing Associate, as well as Project and Event Manager in a VC fund. Was one of the main organizers of several deep-tech events, including the largest deep-tech conference in Baltics – Deep Tech Atelier – on behalf of Commercialization Reactor.

Yuri Artyukh

Dr.habil.sc.comp., Senior Researcher

Since 1965 and up to 2012 Yuri Artyukh was involved into research and development related with high-speed digital electronic circuits. In 1970’s headed a group, and then laboratory, specialising in area of high-precision timing measurements for various specific applications, and designing the corresponding application systems. Most important projects carried out in 1970ies were photon-counting spectrometer for astrophysical research, Laser-Doppler systems for speed measuring of airflows in industrial wind tunnels, and timing systems for Satellite Laser Ranging (SLR).
Yuri was author of more than 190 publications (including 43 inventions) related to the mentioned subjects.
Unfortunately Yuri passed away in autumn 2012, but his technology is being developed further and helps people in high-precision measurements.

Open Positions

Technical Specialist

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