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Date: Friday, 17th November
Time: 9:00 AM – 10:40 AM
Place: RTU Faculty of Electronics and Telecommunications, Riga, Azenes iela 12, 212. cab.


  • Seminar Opening
  • Innovative Research: Presentation on the Multi-channel Picosecond-precise Time-tagging System with Amplitude Measurements for Satellite Laser Ranging
  • Collaboration Talks: Insightful sessions on EVENTECH’s partnerships with the European Space Agency and RTU’s establishment of the “Space electronics and signal processing laboratory”.
  • Discussions: on partnership opportunities and promising applications

Organized by: Eventech

Seminar speakers:

  • Anna Litvinenko – Eventech, Riga Technical University
  • Pavels Razmajevs – Eventech

Let’s explore the potential of precise timing technology together!
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The Seminar is supported by COM/MTT/AP united societies branches of Latvian section of IEEE – Institute of Electricaland Electronics Engineers. IEEE is a the world’s largest non-profit technical and professional organisation, which members solve new everyday challenges and accumulate the world’s best technical engineering practices (www.ieee.org). The main goal of IEEE is to enable technological innovations and excellence for the good of humanity. IEEE professional groups organise worldwide forums, issue industry-relevant journals and magazines, organise guest lectures, industrial forums, as well as develop world-class level standards and educate young people all over the world, explaining the importance of engineering profession in modern technology-based world.

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The project is implemented in scope of the European Regional Development Fund program.
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