Embedded server system Event Timing Server Console (ETSC) is designed for providing the TCP/IP interface to the Event Timer A033-ET device with the parallel interface.

The ETSC software executes all functions of the Server 1 and Server 2 of the Event Timer A033-ET system providing the time measurements for distributed Clients of this system. This software interacts with the A033-ET device via parallel interface in accordance to the EPP protocol and data/command exchange procedures, defined for the A033-ET device. Via Ethernet interface this software interacts with the Client 1 and Client 2 of the Event Timer A033-ET system or other application-specific system supporting the same application protocol.

ETSC is implemented on the base of Raspberry Pi 2 Model B. ETSC can be used for replacing the PC with obligate Parallel Port and for increasing the average measurement rate of the new Event Timer A033-ET/R system.

ETSC is delivered with the power adapter 220/+5V and Ethernet cable. The User Guide presents all necessary information for the device installation and monitoring during its operation. In the case of a special request the Programmer’s Guide can be also delivered. The Programmer’s Guide describes the software functions providing interactions with the A033-ET device, functions for data output to LCD display and functions providing the application protocol for A033-ET system Client-Server interactions.


Measurement modes:Continuous mode in session with the Client 1 of the A033-ET systemCyclical mode in session with the Client 2 of the A033-ET system
Average measurement rate160,000 time-tags per second
Hardware interfaces:• Parallel with A033-ET device
• Ethernet with LAN or dedicated PC
• 4 USB and HDMI for application-specific SWdevelopment
Internal software:Linux based
Hardware dimension, weight:180x130x60 mm, 0.6 kg
Power supply:DC +5V, 1.0 A 
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