Last week Eventech (LV) in collaboration with The Paradigm Factor (UK) and Politecnico di Bari (IT) presented all final deliverables to European Space Agency and successfully closed the project. As Part of this project Eventech aimed to assess, through evaluation, analysis & tests, the potential of Eventech Event Timer (ET) to act as a Processor for many Space Sensors such as Wind / Imaging LiDAR and Autocorrelation sensors

The main technical objectives were:  

• Imaging Lidar 

Demonstrate that the use of an imaging-lidar functionally-optimized ET Processor allows obtaining Imaging performance, in terms of range & contrast, to potentially lower resource requirements,  

• Correlation Wind Lidar 

Demonstrate that the use of a wind-lidar functionally-optimized ET Processor allows measuring atmospheric wind with accuracy & dynamic range, up to Tropopause, to potentially lower resources requirements

Autocorrelation sensors & techniques 

o Demonstrate by analysis and modeling that the use of a functional-optimized ET Processor can lead to at least a Sensor concept, offering new or improved measurement capabilities with potential for operation in Space for the benefit of present or forthcoming ESA missions

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