🚀 Dive into the next generation of Eventech Time Tagging Devices. The ESTT 7 Series seamlessly marries innovation and precision, completely revolutionising the Riga Event Timer Technology.

🔍 Unparalleled Precision: Experience an unprecedented single-shot time-tagging accuracy of 1.5 ps. Yes, you read that right—1.5 picoseconds! Dive into the world of precision with the ESTT 7 Series.

♾️ Full Recording Option: gain instant access to real-time data streaming. No lags, no delays—just pure, uninterrupted data flow.

Full Recording Option opens up unlimited opportunities for various algorithm implementation, both:

  • during post-processing of measurement data, and
  • during operational monitoring of the process

Full Recording Option allows to:

  • implement Gate Generator function on a software level
  • enable Atmospheric Lidar functionality

Key features:

  • 1.5 ps single-shot RMS (time tags, typical)
  • Reputable reliability
  • Comparison levels of Input signals can be set via software in the range of -2 to +3V, step 1mV
  • Effective edge of the input signal (rising or falling) can be selected via software
  • 25 Mevent/s (MEPS) Continuous Event Rate with Full Recording Option
  • Synchronisation error of input signals and signal 1PPS is ± 15 ps (max)
  • Improved Operating Temperature Range: 5° to 40°С
  • Communication Interface: USB 3.0
  • Single-input time tag drift: < 1 ps / °С
  • Input-to-input offset drift: < 0.15 ps / °С

📧 Contact us for more info:

  • info@eventechsite.com

Eventech: Picosecond-precise and extremely reliable Time-Tagging Systems for Space & Terrestrial Applications!

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