Mr. Nikolai Adamovitch

Chief Executive Officer

Nikolai Adamovitch holds M.Sc. degree in Nuclear Physics from University of Latvia and is an alumnus of the Harvard Business School where he passed Owner-President Management program (OPM28). Mr. Adamovitch is an experienced entrepreneur and commercialization expert, has done several angel investments and Eventech company is the major project of interest, where Mr. Adamovitch serves as CEO. Major interest in new high-tech product development and commercialization at worldwide markets.

Mr. Pavels Razmajevs

Chief Operating Officer

Pavels Razmajevs holds Bachelor degree in Internation Business and Administration from Fontys Hogeschool Venlo. Has international experience in Sales and Financial Advisory domains. Mr. Razmajevs is reponsible for daily business management and development in support to company CEO. Manages partner relations and new partnerships establishment finding. Pavels is interested in Deep-tech startups and new opportunity finding for joint collaborations between industries.

Ms. Katrina Krivenko

Chief Business Officer

Katrina Krivenko holds holds M.Sc. in Organic Chemistry and B.Sc. in Business Economics. K. Krivenko has experience in ESA project executive management, finalised multiple EU funded projects, led operations for 5 startup companies with venture funding with direct reporting to investors, has experience in operations management, engineering procurement, C- and VP- level reporting, business development, company marketing and recognition rising activities and partnerships' establishment. K. Krivenko is very goal-oriented, experienced in project management, responsible and interested in new project business opportunity finding and implementation. 


Mr. Eugene Boole

Dr.sc.comp., Chief Scientific Officer

Eugene Boole was involved in signal processing research in Institute of Electronics and Computer Science since 1975. Started in Machine Synthesising Laboratory where worked on digital circuit design techniques and applications development. From 1985 Eugene studied computer network management problems and took part in creation of a global computer network management system. Since 1997 up to now is dealing with the programmable chip and computer software creation with the focus on time measurement systems with very high accuracy. Eugene is author of more than 60 publications.


Mr. Vladimir Bespalko

Dr.sc.comp., Lead Researcher

Vladimir Bespalko studied at Faculty of Physics and Mathematics with specialization in radiophysics in Latvian University. Candidate of Technical Sciences in 1981. Since 1971 Vladimir is working as a Senior Researcher (over time, senior scientist, junior scientist, engineer) at Institute of Electronics and Computer Science (IECS). Is specialising in signal measurement and processing, including picosecond time range parameter measurement R&D and irregular pulse flow. Vladimir participated in international research projects, collaborative projects on Satellite Laser Ranging with Finnish, German, Chinese and Austrian research centers.


Mr. Vadim Vedin

Lead Developer

Vadim Vedin has worked at Institute of Electronics and Computer Science as Hardware Design Engineer since obtaining M.Sc. in Electrical Engineering in 1977. Vadim has international work experience, worked in several companies in Ottawa, Canada as Senior Hardware Designer from 2000 till 2003.  Has strong skills and experience in full product design development from an idea to a fully functional unit. Vadim is proficient in: design, development and testing of high speed digital, analog, and mixed electronic devices; applications of ultra-fast ICs (such as ADCs, DACs, RAMs, Sonet Framers and Multiplexers/Demultiplexers, etc.), DSPs, micro-controllers, and microprocessors; has hands-on experience in FPGA/CPLD design using VHDL – Altera Quartus, ModelSim; is proficient in P-CAD and holds profound expertize in ultrafast and very high precision time measurements.

Mr. Yuri Artyukh

Dr.habil.sc.comp., Senior Researcher

Since 1965 and up to 2012 Yuri Artyukh was involved into research and development related with high-speed digital electronic circuits. In 1970's headed a group, and then laboratory, specialising in area of high-precision timing measurements for various specific applications, and designing the corresponding application systems. Most important projects carried out in 1970ies were photon-counting spectrometer for astrophysical research, Laser-Doppler systems for speed measuring of airflows in industrial wind tunnels, and timing systems for Satellite Laser Ranging (SLR).
Yuri was author of more than 190 publications (including 43 inventions) related to the mentioned subjects.
Unfortunately Yuri passed away in autumn 2012, but his technology is being developed further and helps people in high-precision measurements.

Eventech news

Eventech team is glad to announce that it is going to participate at the one of the largest Space events "International Astronautical Congress" which is taking place in Paris from 18th to 22nd of September. This year company will have a booth at  the Latvian Pavilion. Eventech will show both Terrestrial and Space Hardware which was developed within European Space Agency projects.

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Eventech will be participating at several key industry events during October (17 October - 29 October). The trip to Dubai will start with visiting EXPO 2020, where Eventech's technology will be present at Latvian booth zone. Later representatives of the Company will participate at GITEX forum  to find out more about Quantum technologies. Last but not least, The IAC conference will take

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