Our deep tech company Eventech, which specialises in extremely precise and reliable signal processing hardware for terrestrial and space applications, recently had the privilege of participating in the largest deep tech conference in the Baltics – Deep Tech Atelier, which took place in April 20-21. This prestigious event was organized by the Investment and Development Agency of Latvia (LIAA) and Commercialization Reactor, bringing together innovators, entrepreneurs, and experts from the technology and space industries.

Represented by our COO Pavels Razmajevs and Business Development Manager Adam AdamovitchEventech made a remarkable impact during the conference. Our team had the honour of presenting on both the Deep Tech Stage and ESA Days Space Stage, providing valuable insights into our company’s groundbreaking work. The opportunity to share our achievements and vision with such a diverse and knowledgeable audience was truly remarkable.

One of the highlights of our presentation was the mention of our collaboration with the European Space Agency – ESA on the Hera Mission. Eventech is proud to be a subcontractor to Efacec for this challenging project, which is dedicated to the study of asteroids. Our role in the Hera Mission involves the development of a back-end signal processing timer for the altimeter. This crucial contribution will enable accurate and precise measurements during the mission, furthering our understanding of these celestial bodies.

We would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to the individuals and organisations who have been instrumental in our success.

Contact us: info@eventechsite.com

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