List of Market Applications

  • Satellite Laser Ranging – Worldwide Leaders
  • Super Low Power Consumption Open Air PPM Based Communication
  • Quantum Technologies – particularly Quantum Key Distribution in Quantum Communication field
  • Any Time Resolved Measurements
  • Atmosphere Aerosols Backscattering
  • Open Air Time Transfer
  • Time Synchronisation
  • Gravimetry (Absolute Gravimetry)

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Key Interest Areas for Future Development:

  • Space / Terrestrial LiDAR (Debris/Weather), Altimetry
  • Time Transfer and Synchronization
  • Data Transfer
    • Quantum Key Distribution
    • Quantum Communication
  • Inter-Satellite  Optical Communications
  • Deep Space Optical Communications (Pulse Position Modulation)

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Satellite Laser Ranging (SLR)

Our main efforts in development of Event Timers were dedicated to satisfy the current demands of “International Laser Ranging Service” (ILRS) ground station segment governed by NASA ( in the high-performance and affordable in price timing instruments. Event Timer is recognized as the best timing system for terrestrial SLR application in the World. Currently ILRS manages a network of more than 70 Laser Ranging Stations (LRS) worldwide. For last couple of years Eventech has sold more than 50 Event Timers covering >50% of the SLR stations around the world

Time Transfer through Optical Fibers

Eventech has put its first steps in Time and Information Transfer through Optical Fibers application, our partners – scientists from VNIIFTRI Institute of the Russian Academy of Metrology ( used Event Timer in time transfer tasks and delay measuremenets in optical fibers and have recently shown extremely positive results in Summer 2016. Extreme accuracy of Event Timer is important to measure transfer delays of time and information in optical fibers, which is very important while developing new optical materials or new transfer technique for comparative analysis. Major beneficial features of Event Timer for TTTOF tasks according to our partner are:

  • Extremely high accuracy
  • Multistop option


Event Timer technology is also used for absolute gravimetry applications by scientists from Institute of Geodesy and Geophysics (Chinese Academy of Science) in Wuhan. Absolute gravimetry allows the determination of gravity acceleration, for specific positions as well as the detection of gravity changes with time at a given location. For high-accuracy demands, the geometrical position of a gravity point has to be defined very accurately, Absolute gravity measurements are performed by optical laser interferometer which measures the free-fall acceleration of a retroreflector in a vacuuum. The measurement is directly referenced to atomic standards of length and time, this is where Event Timer is applied. This information is confirmed by client reference  and by the fact that in 2013 colleagues from Wuhan updated their station and purchased new Event Timer A033, to replace the previous version A032. If you have any questions and would like to know more about Event Timing technology for gravimetric applications, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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