This summer, Eventech participated in the “5th World Congress of Latvian Scientists”, which took place from June 27-29, 2023, in Riga, Latvia, represented by our Business Development Manager – Adam Adamovitch

Eventech was selected as one of Latvia’s top-tier organisations, which operate in the field of space technologies and services. This recognition allowed us the prestigious opportunity to present our space hardware developed under the “PALT” project with the European Space Agency (ESA). With Efacec as the main contractor, our role in this ambitious project was crucial: to develop the Space Timing Module for the Planetary Altimeter (“PALT”).

The “PALT” project is an important part of the HERA mission, a concerted effort to study an asteroid. With a launch date set in 2024 and OHB at the helm as the prime contractor, we are thrilled to confirm that Eventech’s part of the work is successfully finished.

We would like to thank organisers of the event: Ministry of Education and Science of Latvia in collaboration with the Chancery of the President of Latvia, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Latvia, Latvian research universities, the Latvian Council of Science, the Latvian Academy of Sciences, the Association of Latvian Young Scientists, and many more.

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