Picosecond-precise & Extremely Reliable
Data Acquisition & Signal-processing Hardware
for Terrestrial & Space Applications

At Eventech, our mission is to develop best-in-class time-tagging solutions for terrestrial & space applications.

Our core competences lie in repeatable, extremely accurate and environmentally resistant Data Acquisition via Time-to-digital Conversion (TDC) and Analogue-to-Digital Conversion (ADC), and Signal Processing / Data Interpretation.

Eventech Stream Time Tagger


Our customers report the extreme reliability of our products!


> 50 % of all SLR stations are equipped with our products!


European Space Agency (ESA) projects for Space Missions (incl. HERA Mission). Recommended by NASA ILRS.

Eventech is a highly experienced engineering company from Europe, which develops & manufactures proprietary timing products and complex signal processing systems, cooperating with leading Research Organisations, Space Agencies & Industrial Partners and providing on-demand engineering services to tackle technological challenges and create new market applications.

Years Technology Heritage
Terrestrial Precision
Space Precision

Key Products

Eventech Stream Time Tagger
ESTT 7 Series

Available for Pre-Order. October 2023.

New generation of Eventech products.
Eventech Stream Time Tagger.
1.5 picosecond precision.

Will replace A033-ET.

Eventech Event Timer

Accepting Final Orders Until October 2023.

Previous generation.
LPT port and USB port versions (with RACK option).
2.5-3.5 picosecond precision.

To be replaced by ESTT 7 Series.

Specification Comparison

Eventech Stream Time Tagger
ESTT 7 Series
Eventech A033-ET Event Timer
“Riga Timer”
Communication interface:USB 3.0USB 2.0
Input minimum pulse width:> 0.5 ns width> 5 ns width
RMS, time tags (typical):1.5 ps
RMS, differences (typical):2.1 ps3.5 ps
RMS, differences (max):2.5 ps5 ps
Operating temperature range:5-40 °C15-30 °C
Single-input time tag drift:< 1 ps / °C< 2 ps / °C
Dead time:40 ns50 ns
Continuous Event rate:25 MEPS1 MEPS
Input-to-input offset:40 ps90 ps
Input-to-input offset drift:< 0.15 ps / °C< 0.5 ps / °C
Synchronisation error of input signals and signal 1 PPS:± 15 ps (maximum)± 10 ns (maximum)
Warm-up time:0.3 hours1 hour

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