Eventech is open to collaboration with private companies, governmental institutions, experts and industries from all around the world, we are ready to participate in funding programmes as European Union SME. If you have an idea of cooperating with Eventech in joint project you are welcome to contact us.
We are looking forward to participate in projects in following application areas and not only:

  • Space and Satellite Laser Ranging
  • Free-Space and Deep-Space Optical Communications
  • Gravimetry
  • Time Transfer through Optical Fibers / Time Synchronization
  • Space LiDAR
  • OEM components for other applications

New development project for 2019-2020

On June 1st  2019 Eventech started R&D project in order to develop new Timer (Time OF flight Time Tagging systems) with multiple inputs, higher accuracy (<2ps) and  shortened dead time (<50ns). New Timer will meet high standards required for Flash LiDAR  and 3D scanning systems.

Project “Eventech Event Timer – 2 (EET-2)” with No.: sponsored by European Regional Development Funds.

SIA Eventech īsteno pētniecības projektu Darbības programmas "Izaugsme un nodarbinātībā" 1.2.1. specifiskā atbalsta mērķa "Palielināt privātā sektora investīcijas P&A" pasākumā " Atbalsts produktu un tehnoloģiju izstrādei kompetences centru ietvaros" otras projektu iesniegumu atlases kārtas ietvaros. Pētniecības projekta nosaukums: Eventech Event Timer – 2 (EET-2) Projekts  Nr. Projekta Mērķis ir izpētīt un izstrādāt jaunu notikumu laika mērīšanas ierīci (notikumu taimeris) ar palielinātu mērīšanas ātrumu (Fast Event Timer - FET), kas ievērojami pārspēs iepriekš Eventech ražotās ierīces A033-ET ātrdarbību un nodrošinās nepieciešamo notikumu reģistrāciju tādās frekvencēs un sekvencēs, kas ir nepieciešamas Flash LiDAR un 3D skenēšanas uzdevumos, un ne tikai.


New development project for 2016-2017

On February 1st, 2016 Eventech in partnership with Institute of Electronics and Computer Science and Czech Space Research Centre launched new 2 year project for development of multi-puropose on-board event timing module with support of European Space Agency. Read more

ERDF co-financed R&D project

On June 30, 2015 a 1.5 year European Union co-financed project launched in January 2014 together with Institute of Electronics and Computer Sciences (IECS) of Latvia was succesfully finished.

The name of the project „Universal event timer for SLR, LIDAR and 3D scanning applications” and the general aim was industrial research in order to improve the performance of an existing Event Timer A033-ET and to develop a new type of compact, and universal event timer to fit not only SLR but other new applications like LIDARs, long range 2D/3D scanners, absolute gravimetry and free-space or deep space optical communication systems (FSO or DSO), as well as for other applications that requires accurate time measurements and outperform similar devices manufactured by Agilent Technologies, Pendulum, ORTEC, GuideTech, Racal Instruments, Acam-messelectronic etc.

In terms of the project several new event timing modules were developed:

  • Compact Event Timing Module (CETM)
  • Fast Event Timer Module (FETM)
  • Doubled Event Timer Module (DETM)

All modules are very compact and low power consumption products created in accordance with a demand for such design from industry and our business partners.
Parameters of CETM:

  • One measurement channel; two inputs (one for fire events/pulses – Start Input, one for return events/pulses – Stop Input)
  • Accuracy of time interval measurements – better than 8 ps (expected RMS resolution)
  • Measurement time: less than 35 ns
  • On-board FPGA memory for up to 2 K registered events
  • External 10 MHz reference source or internal system clock 100 MHz
  • PC interface: parallel port EPP mode or USB 2.0
  • Basic soft for WinXP
  • External power supply: +5V (500mA)
  • Size of the board – 90mm x 150mm 

Eventech holds exclusive license for new product technology and welcomes partners for further product development and cooperation.

Project results are published in open sources (publications), IECS and Eventech homepages, and are available in conferences and seminars.

Both Eventech and IECS are interested and ready to develop application specialized devices if there is a demand from industry or potential business partners.

Eventech news

TimeTag.Space (spin-off from Eventech) took the 1st place in the start-up pitch contest at the largest international space conference in Washington DC “Satellite 2019” (https://2019.satshow.com/). Event hosted more than 15,000 attendees from over 100 countries around the globe. The contest was split into 2 parts: 1st for the seed-level companies and 2nd for the series-A companies. F

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Eventech team participated in “Paris Space Week’ which took place in Paris on April 2-3, 2019. This is one of the most important events in the European space arena, which brings together representatives of the space industry to discuss cooperation opportunities, gain new contacts and become familiar with the needs and capabilities of the European Space Agency.   During

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