As a spin-off company Eventech are working in close cooperation with Institute of Electronics and Computer Science (IECS), in particular with Time Measurement Laboratory including 16 people R&D staff.

Over many years Institute of Electronics and Computer Science provides R&D activities in the area of high-accuracy Event Timing: measurement of the time of an event identified with some predetermined point of a signal (such as pulse edge, zero crossing, etc). Currently this kind of timing measurement is recognized as the most advanced for various applications where both extreme accuracy and high measurement rate are especially needed.

Eventech and its partner IECS can support R&D project execution at own facilities and with supoprt of partner oursourcing companies.

Institute of Electronics and Computer Science
14 Dzerbenes St., LV-1006, Riga, Latvia
Phone: +371 67554500
Fax: +371 67555337
e-mail: info@edi.lv
web: www.edi.lv

Research Institution Certificate Nr.: 181031
VAT Nr.: LV90002135242

Eventech news

On March 8-9, 2017 Eventech had a unique opportunity to be as one of the 30 best space startups selected from several hundred applicants worldwide and to pitch at Paris Space Week (PSW) Start-up Space Challenge (http://www.paris-space-week.com/paris-space-week-startup-space-challenge.php). We kindly thank event organizers and for the unique opprotunity to meet new partners and refresh exisiting

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On July 18, 2016 Eventech signed a support agreement Nr. SKV-L-2016/584 with Investment and Development Agency of Latvia in terms of receiving de minimis support for project 3.2.1. "Increase of high value-added products and services export ratio" activity "International promotion of competitiveness". Eventech is sponsored by Investment and Development Agenc

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Dzerbenes street 14, Riga, LV-1006, Latvia
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Fax.: +371 67751956
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